Completed Projects

Sr. No.Project TitleYear of comple-tionFunding Agency
  1Wasteland mapping in five districts: Phase-I1988NRSA,DOS
  2Monitoring salt affected soils in Karnal Distt.1989HARSAC
  3Monitoring urban land use of Hisar Town1990HARSAC
  4District wise land use mapping in Haryana1991NRSA, DOS
  5Wasteland mapping in Haryana: Phase-II1991NRSA, DOS
  6Integrated study to combat drought on sustainable basis in Bhiwani District1992NRSA, DOS
  7Land Resource survey of Hisar district1992HARSAC
  8Site suitability study for thermal power station, Hisar1992HARSAC
  9Cotton Acreage and Condition Assessment1992SAC, DOS
10Crop Acreage and Production Estimation-Phase I1992MOA/DOS
11Mapping urban land use of Hisar town1993HARSAC
12Geomorphology and Watershed Management in Mahendragarh1993HARSAC
13Yamuna River Course study1993Irrigation Dept
14Flood Mapping of Sirsa District1993DRDA, Sirsa
15Flood Mapping of Hisar & Jind Districts1993DRDA, Hisar
16Wasteland Mapping, Application Validation Project1994DOS, GOI
17Site selection for Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) in 6 towns1994MOEF, GOI
18Mapping of Potential Watersheds in Hisar, Rohtak and Mahendergarh Districts1994DRDA, Hisar
19Crop Acreage and Production Estimation (CAPE): Phase-II1995MOA/DOS
20Flood mapping in Haryana1995Revenue Dept.
21Mapping of Potential Watersheds in Bhiwani District1996DRDA, Bhiwani
22Ghagger Watershed management using RS technique1996DAC,GOI
23Soil Moisture estimation using microwave data1996SAC,DOS
24Wetland Mapping in Haryana1997SAC,DOS
25Integrated Resource survey in Rohtak and Jind: Phase-I1997DST,GOI
26Mapping & Monitoring of Green cover in Kandi area1999Agric. Dept, Hry
27Forest Cover study in Aravalli hills1999Forest Dept Hry
28Mapping of Forests in Haryana1999Forest Deptt.
29Sugar cane estimation in Command area of Saraswati Sugar Mills (SSM), Yamunanagar1999SSM, Y/Nagar
30Mapping of Soil-Water Resources of Mewat area1999MDA, Gurgaon
31Hydrogeomorphological mapping and delineation of Ground Water potential-phase I1999PWD (PH),Hry
32Integrated Mission for Sustainable Development1999NRSA-DOS
33Base Mapping of Haryana towns-Phase I (Hisar, Rohtak, Bhiwani)1999PWD (PH), Hry
34Urban Land use planning in Panchkula Area-A pilot study1999DTCP, Haryana
35Alignment of Ghaggar drain for flood control1999Irrigation Dept
36Wasteland Mapping: Phase-III2000NRSA, DOS
37Integrated Resource survey in Rohtak and Jind: Phase-II2000DST,GOI
38National(Natural) Resources Information System (NRIS)-Phase I2000SAC,DOS
39Land use Change in Karnal town and fringe areas2001Delhi University
40Base Mapping of Haryana towns(Phase II) (Narnaul,Rewari,Sirsa)2001PWD (PH), Hry
41Urban planning in the Haryana portion of Chandigarh Periphery Controlled Area2001DTCP, Haryana
42Current fallow/wasteland mapping in 16 districts of Haryana2002Landuse Board
43Study of forest and mining along Haryana-Delhi border2002Env. Dept. Hry
44Sugarcane estimation in Haryana2002SUGARFED
45Tree cover mapping in Ambala, Y/nanagar and Panchkula districts2003Forest Dept Hry
46Natural Resources Census in Gurgaon & Sohna2004DOS
47Integrated Resources Information System in Desertic Areas2004NRSA,DOS
48Hydrogeomorpholgoical mapping and delineation of Ground Water potential2004PWD(PH), Hry
49Desertification Status Mapping in Panchkula District of Haryana2004DOS
50Urban sector database management through GIS2004HARSAC
51GIS database creation for High Tension electric lines2004HARSAC
52Location of tube well sites for fresh ground water targeting in Hisar and Jind police lines2005HARSAC
53GIS database for location of mobile towers2005HARSAC/ BSNL
54Crop Acreage and Production Estimation (CAPE) : Extended Phase2005MOA, GOI
55Paddy estimation using microwave data2005DOS, GOI
56Digitization of Electoral Boundaries for Haryana                       2006Election Dept
57Land use information for Global Urban Corridor along KMP                  2006TCP Dept, Hry
58National(Natural) Resources Information System (NRIS)-Phase II2006SAC,DOS
59Channelization and remodeling of Badshahpur drain2007HUDA
60Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of mining in Aravallies2007HSPCB
61Base mapping of seven Haryana towns for DHBVN on 1:5,000 scale2007DHBVN
62Development of Road Information System for Hisar district2007PWD, B&R Hry
63Mapping quarry pools and potential sites for fisheries in Aravalli hills2008Fisheries Dept Hry
64Evaluation of Watersheds in Panchkula and Mahendergarh2008Agric Dept, Hry
65Inventory and documentation of locale specific problems requiring S&T intervention2008DST, GOI
66Cropping System Analysis for Haryana                                    2008DOS
67Linear Feature extraction from PAN data                                 2008NIC, GOI
68Monitoring of Santhi (summer) paddy for 2000 and 2008          2008Agric Dept, Hry
69Wasteland Monitoring in Haryana2008MORD, GOI through NRSC
70Digitization of mussavies of Sirsa District2008DC, Sirsa
71National Urban Information System (NUIS) for 5 Haryana towns2009NRSA, Hyderabad/ SOI
72Preparation of new Assembly and Parliamentary Constituency maps of  Haryana2009Election Dept, Haryana.
73Demarcation of Western periphery road alignment for Fridabad City2009HUDA
74Preparation of habitation boundaries of entire Haryana villages2009PWD (B&R)
75Digitization of the maps of the Resource Atlas of Haryana2009PWD (B&R)
76Household indexing using very high resolution satellite data: A case study of Jeevan Nagar village2009DC, Sirsa
77Preparation of Digital Road Atlas of Rohtak district2009PWD (B&R)
78Development of GIS lab in DC office, Sirsa2009DC, Sirsa
79Starting of M.Tech. Geo-informatics program in collaboration with GJU S&T2009Self Financing
80Wetland Inventory and Assessment in Haryana 2010MOEF, GOI through DOS
81Land Degradation Mapping in Haryana2010MORD, GOI through DOS
82Digitization of mussavies of Amabala District2010DC, Ambala
83Estimation of surplus crop and forest biomass in Haryana2010DRE Haryana
84Preservation and digitization of text revenue records of Ambala2010Revenue Dept
85Assessment of Soil Carbon Pool in Haryana2010IIRS, Dehradun
86Vegetation carbon pool assessment in agro-forestry systems and strip plantations in the western part of Haryana2010IIRS, Dehradun
87ALOS data evaluation for polarimetric and interferometric techniques.2010SAC, Ahmedabad
88Satellite based survey of Gorakhpur Atomic Power Plant2010NPCIL, Deptt of Atomic Energy
89Identification of existing structures and preparation of lay out plans for HUDA sectors.2010HUDA
91Development of GIS lab in DC office, Ambala2010DC, Sirsa
92Digitization of cadastral maps of Hisar distirct2010DC, Hisar
93Digitization of cadastral maps of Jind Tehsil2011DC, Jind
93GIS based Administration Monitoring System for Bhiwani2011Dist Admn. Bhiwani
94GIS based Administration Monitoring System for Jind2011Dist Admn. Jind
95Land Degradation, Ground Water quality and Solar Insolation Data creation in Haryana2011DRE, Haryana
96Identification of potential areas for micro-watershed development under IWMP2011Rural Dev. Dept, Haryana
97Delineation of Palaeochannels as potential sites for Ground Water exploration in piedmont area of Haryana2011DST, Hry
98Preparation of District wise soil fertility maps of Haryana 2011CCS, HAU
99Wasteland Monitoring of all the districts in Haryana2011MORD, GOI through DOS
100GIS based infrastructure and resources mapping in Haryana2011Haryana Govt.
101Mapping of Mining Areas in Aravalli Hills and Sand mining in Y. Nagar district (Phase-II)2011HSPCB
102National Urban Information System (NUIS): UP2011MOUD through DOS
103Watershed evaluation in different parts of Haryana2011DOA, Haryana
104Area Estimation of Burning of Wheat/Rice Stubbles in four districts of Haryana.2011DOA, Haryana
105Forecasting Agriculture Output using Space Agro-meteorology & Land Based Observations (FASAL)2012MOA, GOI through DOS
106National Agricultural Drought Assessment and Monitoring System (NADAMS)2012MOA, GOI through DOS
107Wasteland Monitoring of all the districts in Haryana2012MORD, GOI through DOS
108Geomorphological and lineament mapping in Haryana2012ISRO, DOS
109Change detection study of waterbodies in southern Haryana2012DST, GOI
110Ground Water Prospects Mapping under Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission (RGNDWM): Phase-III2012ISRO, DOS
111Creation of HARSAC Gallery in Model Science School of Haryana2012School Edu. Dept
112Preparation of resource and satellite maps for all the schools of Haryana2012School Edu. Dept
113Demarcation of land of seven villages near Panchkula town2012District Admn, Panchkula
114Demarcation and mapping of HPGCL land in Faridabad2012HPGCL
115Identification villages for location of new schools or upgradation of schools2012In house
116Drought Vulnerability Analysis-Bhiwani district, Haryana using time series AWiFS data2012In house
117Mapping of unauthorized colonies in 13 towns of Haryana2012Urban Local Bodies Dept
118Evaluation of Polarimetric and interferometric  techniques for vegetation and land subsidence study2012ISRO, DOS
119Management of Waterlogging and Salinity in Central Haryana Using Geoinformatics2012DST, GOI
120Wasteland Change Analysis of all the districts in Haryana2013MoRD, GOI
121Preparation of Soil fertility Maps for HAU Farms 2013CCS, HAU
122Cadastral Mapping of IIM Campus, Rohtak2013IIM, Rohtak
123Preparation of Archaeological Atlas of Haryana using satellite remote sensing and GIS techniques2013Archeology Dept, Hry
124Preparation of Tourism Atlas of Haryana2013Tourism Dept, Haryana
125Assessment of Forest and Tree Outside Forest (TOF) in Yamuna Nagar and Panchkula Divisions2013Forest Dept, Hry
126Area Estimation of Burning of Paddy Stubble in Ten Major Paddy Growing Districts of Haryana during 2013.2013HSPCB
127Ground Water Quality Mapping under Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission (RGNDWM): Phase-IV2014MoWR, GOI
128Land use / land cover mapping in Haryana2014ISRO, DOS
129Preparation of digital atlas for Delhi Milk Scheme2014DMS, Delhi
130Delineation of Palaeochannels as potential sites for Ground Water exploration in Haryana2014HSCST, Hry
131Cotton area and biophysical parameters estimation using microwave data2014ISRO, DOS
132Agricultural Drought Vulnerability Analysis of Haryana state using time series satellite data and Ancillary data2014In house + NRSC, Hbd
133Area Estimation of Burning of Paddy Stubble in Ten Major Paddy Growing Districts of Haryana for the year 20142014HSPCB
134Base mapping of Haryana towns2015Haryana Govt.
135Preparation of Road Atlas of Kaithal District2015PWD (B&R)
136Preparation of Police Jurisdiction Atlas of Haryana2015In house
137Demarcation of Eco-sensitive zones at cadastral level in Haryana2015Forest Dept, Hry
138Preparation of sustainable Land Use plan of Haryana2015Haryana Kisan Ayog
139Delineation of sand mining areas at cadastral level in different parts of Haryana2015Geol. & Mines Dept, Hry
140Mapping of slums and Government health facilities in Haryana State2015Health Dept,Haryana
141Eco-restoration of Badkhal lake2015Haryana Tourism Corp
142Preparation of Canal and Drainage maps of Haryana using satellite data2015HIRMI Haryana
143Providing GPS coordinates of Panchayats nearest to 33/11 KV and 66/11 KV substations overlaid on satellite imagery2015DHBVN
144Identification of Aravali Plantation at Cadastral for Bhiwani District2015Forest Dept., Haryana
145Monitoring the effects of training works in Yamuna River Course2015Irrigation Dept, Hry
146Area Estimation of Burning of Paddy Stubble in Ten Major Paddy Growing Districts of Haryana for the year 20152015HSPCB
147Establishment of Geo-spatial lab at MC, Rohtak2015MC Rohtak
148Feature Extraction from satellite images of Taxable Property under MCG Limit2016MC, Gugaon
149Establishment of Geo-spatial lab at MC, Gurgaon2016MC Gurgaon
150Digitization of forest boundaries at cadastral level:Phase 1,2 and 3.2016HFD
151Preparation of cadastral Irrigation Atlas2016Irrigation Dept
152Conducting Triangulation Survey for Gwal Phari in Gurgaon District2016DC, Gurgaon
153Project UDDAN for Sohna Tehsil2016DC, Gurgaon
154Establishment of Geo-spatial lab at Mini-Secretariat, Gurgaon2016D.C. Gurgaon
155Mapping Government assets, income/ expenditure of villages/ panchayats and planning for balanced rural development of Fatehabad district.2016ADC, , Fatehabad
156Space Based Information Support for Decentralized Planning (SIS-DP)2016ISRO, DOS
157GIS Database Creation of Govt. Higher Education Institutions in Haryana2016Dept of Higher Education, Hry
158Forecasting Agriculture Output using Space Agro-meteorology & Land Based Observations (FASAL R & D)2016ISRO, DOS
159Delineation of Natural Conservation Zones in National Capital Region (NCR)2016Town&Country Planning, Hry
160Survey of  unauthorized colonies of Ambala  Town2016MC, Ambala
161Mapping for National Health Quality Schemes2016HSHRC
162Survey of unauthorized colonies of Kalanwali, Sirsa, Sampla and Meham Towns2017Municipal Committees
163Preparation of Grid maps for preparation of Soil Health Card2017DOAFW, Hry
164Scientific Evaluation of Water Purification Systems in the State of Haryana (Phase-II: Selection, Installation and Assessment)2017DST, GOI
165Area Estimation of Burning of Rice and Wheat Stubble in Haryana for the year 2016-172017HSPCB
166Desertification Status Mapping (Cycle II)2017ISRO, DOS
167Establishment NLRMP Cell2017MoRD, GOI
168Establishment of Geospatial lab at Mini Secretariat Gurgaon for District Geo spatial Application.2017DC, Gurgaon
169Preparation of Low Lying Area Maps of Haryana2017DOA&FW, Hry
170GIS applications in mapping of Urban Health Centres: Pilot Study on Panchkula2017HSHRC
171Preparation of Health Facilities Atlas of Haryana2017HSHRC
172Locating Potential sites for Drinking Water Tube-wells in  Panipat town2017PHED, Hry