Background Of NLRMP

Haryana state has taken a lead in the modernization of land records in the state by digitizing the cadastral maps for better land management in the state. Under the newly launched centrally sponsored program called National Land Record Modernization Programme (NLRMP) being funded by Ministry of Rural Development, GOI, entire revenue record of the state will be digitized and updated using the high resolution satellite imageries and GPS surveys.

HARSAC developed the methodology and initiated the digitization work of Cadastral Maps (Mussavies) for Sirsa and Ambala districts in the state, where all the mussavies have been converted into GIS format at the true to scale. Encouraged by the success of the digitization work by HARSAC, Revenue Department, Haryana subsequently decided to outsource the work under the project through HARSAC, Hisar which is the nodal agency in the state for remote sensing and GIS related work. The Project is being implemented by HARSAC though identified vendors in a time specific manner.

All the mussavies available at the district headquarters will be digitized in a GIS environment and the same would be updated by the respective village Patwaries using the Sajra maps and other land records available with them. The updated maps would be geo-referenced using the benchmark Ground Control Points being identified and fixed in the entire state using advanced technology of Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS). Finally a seamless database of the land records would be prepared for the entire state. The geo-referenced 0.5 meter resolution World View (WV) satellite data is being acquired for the entire state which will be overlaid on the digitized cadastral maps used to correct inaccuracies in the data.

Value addition of the cadastral maps will be done by linking of Records of Rights (RoR) data already computerized by NIC in the state. Besides this other socio-economic data will also be integrated with geo-referenced cadastral maps. This integration of spatial and non-spatial information would greatly aid in village level planning. This will enrich the utility of cadastral maps in the present day context.

Besides the preservation and permanence of records, this information can be used in land value assessment, field level soil health cards, smart cards for farmers to facilitate e-governance and e-banking, settlement of compensation claims, land acquisition and rehabilitation, crop insurance, grant of agricultural subsidies, community/ village resource centers, precision farming etc.

As  of  now,  HALRIS software is  being  used  in Haryana  for  maintaining  the  RoR ,for  registration  of  Land  Deeds . Integration of the database to be created in the current project would  streamline  the  land  revenue  administration  as  the  system  would  be  temper  proof with easy availability  of  data at  the Tehsils/ Sub-Division/ District/  State/  CSCs.

Survey work would also be taken up under the project where survey has not been done yet, like in Morni Hills. Similarly resurvey and updation of land records will be carried out in areas where lots of changes have occurred, e.g. in Gurgaon and Faridabad areas.

The project also has provision for Digitization and Management of Old Revenue Documents like Misal Hakiat, Field Book and Jamabandi. Besides these scanning of all the deeds registered during last 12 years will also be done. All these documents would be catalogued, indexed, stored in soft format. It is also proposed to establish Modern Record Rooms/ Land Records Management Centers at tehsil/ taluk/ circle/ block levels for better storage and retrieval of land records.

For capacity building under the project, HASRAC would also provide suitable training to all the Tehsildars, Naib-Tehsildars, Kanungoos and Patwaris of Revenue Department of Haryana. The officials would be trained to implement the software and the system independently. Revenue Department may also deploy at least two GIS Specialist at each district and one GIS Assistant at each Tehsil to continuously update and the geospatial data being created and provide services to the farmers/ citizens/ users related to these revenue records.


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