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Haryana Space Applications Centre (HARSAC), a nodal agency of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of Haryana for Remote Sensing and GIS applications, has been established in the year 1986 and has become operational in the year 1989.

HARSAC provides specialized services and solutions for implementing geospatial/GIS systems. These include technical consulting, GIS database design and development, map creation/ updation and finishing, data migration/ conversion and format translation, software development and customisation, and systems integration.

We also provide complete GIS solutions that bundle hardware and software with GIS systems development services, for clients in India. We have also strengthened our range of high-end services in large-scale mapping by using photogrammetry (converting photographs into digital maps) and laser technologies.

Since than it has completed 172 projects successfully and 33 projects are ongoing in the field of Mapping, monitoring and management of natural resources, environment and infrastructure in the state and also generated Geographic information system (GIS) database for the developmental planning purpose, and also undertake, promote, guide, coordinate and aid Research and Development in the field of Remote Sensing (RS) and Geopgraphic Information System (GIS) applications.

HARSAC also imparts training and education in the field of RS and GIS. And also commensed M. Tech. Programme in Geo-informatics in collaboration with G.J. University of Science & Technology, Hisar.

Haryana Space Applications Center

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